The Bunnies Have Landed

We decided when we first started the farm that rabbits were a great economical way to feed our family, without breaking the bank in feed. They’re fast growing, dress out well, and are super low-fat to boot. My oldest daughters friend raises bunnies in Tennessee for meat and offered me a lovely pair from her herd. I accepted, so for Christmas, I received a pair of bunnies.

The cool thing about raising rabbits is that they’re so stinking cute! They’re also super funny to watch and have around. They make decent pets, so I’m sure that  all my breeding stock will be spoiled beyond imagination.

So… without further ado – I’ll introduce you to the start of Star Dollar Rabbitry:

Guinevere and Lancelot

KODAK Digital Still Camera

She’s a tad camera shy as you can see, he on the other hand is a cad and loves to be the center of attention… –

However this attention… not so much

This fellow is entirely too interested in my buns.

This fellow is entirely too interested in my buns.

However, they have deluxe accommodations, until the barn is up and we get the permanent cages installed.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Now, for spring to arrive so we can get some stuff done around here!




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Star Dollar Farm

Of Chicken Coops, Water Systems, and Visiting Family

Whew! Its been a whirlwind of activity around here for the last several days. We’ve received our chickens, had company, built a chicken coop, and finished our water system; all in just about 4 days.

My mom and oldest daughter came for vacation on Saturday, bringing with them our three “ladies of the yard”: Goldie Hen, Natasha Henstridge, and Lindsey Lowhen.

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We have been building them a new coop based out of the “barn” we made from the existing storage building. It was a box truck in a former life. Now, it is a lovely chicken coop for our three retirees. Only one of the ladies is laying at the moment – Natasha lays one beautiful brown egg each day around noon or so. The other two may begin to lay again once they’re calmed down… or they may not. If not; in the spring they’ll be totally retired to “pet” status and will be there only to assist in raising the babies that we’ll be getting.

We also finished out the water system, finally; including installing a new shower in the master bath and a new shower head in the guest bath. It was fairly easy with the “pex” system of pipes we used. The only thing we lack are  the hose connections for the outdoors… and that’s okay.

The best part about all of it though is the visit from my mom and oldest daughter Kyla. Mom got to spend time with her great-grandsons, more the little one as he is staying for a week!!! We had a really good time. We did manage to get the tire swing hung up in the big oak tree, and took a few walks in the woods. We really enjoyed our time together though it came to an end way too soon. They left yesterday, needing to get back home to my dad.

We decided to take the day off yesterday afternoon and just relax – we’ve been going full tilt since we moved in. It was nice to just relax and not do anything but play with the baby, visit the chickens, and catch up on Good Eats! lol

We’re going to get the chicken coop capped today (protecting the girls from hawks and escape); not sure what else is on our agenda – but I’m sure we’ll come up with something!

The Boat

We found this old boat on the property and decided it’d be a fun focal point… we do have a plan that involves a faux stream-bed and everything… for now, here’s the progress.

Down on the Farm

So, we talked about the water situation here in the last post – but that was just the newest set back.. in a list of set backs that started the day we moved in…

The farm had been vacant for a while – four years or so. So when we called to establish electric service they required an inspection. For obvious reasons, as we quickly found out. The inspector arrived the same time we did – and it wasn’t great news… we needed a new power box and breaker outside and the line from the power company to our house needed to be replaced.

We called an electrician, who had to run to four different towns to find what he needed to fix it and had the work done… we moved in on Wednesday… had power the following Tuesday. What a relief it was!

Homesteading is a lot of work – and it’s not for the lazy or the faint of heart. However the benefits and advantages are endless. We already feel better, have more energy, and are sleeping better. How’s that for immediate health benefits?

Out here? There is no pollution other than the methane naturally produced by livestock. The air is clean and crisp, even when its hot and humid. Life is much slower around here – you do things at the speed of necessity. You get them done when they need to be done, not on some corporate preassigned deadline that insures inferior quality – your own deadline.

We have so many plans for this property… and so much work to do to make those plans come to fruition. Its not something that we believe will happen in a year, or even two. But, with time, love, and effort we will turn this place in the the dream we share for our little farm.

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Happy Tuesday!


Never again will I take something as simple as water for granted. When we moved in, we spent seven days without electricity, and nine days without water… Those were a very long nine days.

We went through the gamut of toileting options through the days… camp toilet included. I will never again take clean running water for granted.

Our water pump suffered a crack because it had water in it when it froze. Then we discover that because the water system was off all this time, the galvanized pipes have rusted. In the case of our hot water pipes, they’ve rusted closed from the master bathroom on. The plumber quoted us $2,800, and said he doesn’t have time to do it for three weeks. The other plumber that serves our area didn’t call us back…

That’s alright… I guess it’s time to get our hands dirty and really start homesteading this bad boy. So… we’ll make a trip or two to the hardware store… and we’ll “get ‘er done”! heheheh

What an interesting journey this has been already… and man I’ve got chickens coming next week! This is going to be a loooong week… on a bright note – we’ve got some grand kids coming out this weekend… that’s gonna be fun!


Hi y’all!

I’m so glad to have you stop by! We’re just getting started around here – having not even closed on the house yet. Please follow us and come back soon to see how things are going at the homestead!